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How to get free Spins and Coins!

When it comes to Coin Master the most important is to have enough coins, spins and food on your account. They make the difference between winning and loosing. They decide whether you will stay on the same village level or not. They also decide how long it will take you to reach the next village level. Therefore its crucial to know how to get spins and coins. There are several ways, but most of them are not effective!

Use Coin Master links and rewards

Did you know the developer, sponsors and also some influencers are giving away free spins and coins? Yes, they do! Its way easier than you think. You can download the Coin Master rewards app for iOS and Android and redeem the free spins and coins right after the latest links have been published. You will receive the notifications straight on your phone!

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Spins and coins from your friends

Receiving and giving away gifts are another fine way to get spins and coins. However, there is a limit on how many you can collect every day. It might be very good in the beginning, but once you reach one of the higher levels its not enough anymore. If you don’t have many friends we recommend you to join Facebook groups. In there you will find many new friends who are willing to give you free spins every single day.

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Use the Coin Master Generator

This is by far the easiest solution, but this is also the solution where most people feel scared or not brave enough. Using the Coin Master hack can be a huge advantage for everyone who dares to use it. With the online generator you can decide by yourself on how many coins and spins you would like to get. Simply choose the amount in the generator. With a few more clicks on the button you will generate them straight on your account. No risks of getting banned! Several proxies are protecting your account.