Daily Links & Rewards

Coin Master Links are another great way to get free spins and coins on your iOS or Android account. They are probably the only official way to get additional free coins and spins without playing the game.

Time for Coin Master Rewards

Playing Coin Master can be incredibly fun, but do you know what is even more fun? To get the daily rewards in form of coins, spins and many other useful items. Everyone can get them.

Coin Master rewards


Who publishes these links?

Official developers and sponsors are publishing the links every day.

Why do the Coin Master rewards exist?

Probably because they want the players to log in every single day to play the game. Increasing the player engagement. Another reason could be, because there are tools like the Coin Master hack, which is also providing free spins and coins for the game.

Where can I get the rewards and links from?

There are several sources. We recommend you the applications for iOS and Android below. They have some huge advantages!

Why are there only a few links per day?

It really depends on the day how many links/rewards are available. Mostly two links and on the weekend four links. Its entirely up to the publisher.

What can I get from the links?

Mostly 25 spins, two million coins + spins and sometimes also other items.

Can I get banned by using them?

No, you won’t get banned. Thats 100% sure!

Is there any other method to get free spins or coins?

Yes, you can run cheats and hacks for Coin Master. You can also find them on our website!

Important notice about the links

Sometimes the links have geo-restrictions. This means they might not work for you, if you are in a specific country. As we know they work in Europe and also in North America. We don’t know about other countries or continents. Its up to the developer and publisher, where and how the rewards work. Also, use the new Coin Master hack tool.

Coin Master links
Probably the best iOS app for Coin Master links, rewards and much more!

The daily Coin Master links apps

Download the iOS or Android application to get the daily rewards. We found it is the easiest way to get the Coin Master rewards, because once new links have been published they will automatically update the applications and send notifications to you. Once the notifications are sent you can just click on the link and redeem the rewards. The whole process just takes a minute. Its way better than searching through the internet to find legit links. All the links in the apps have been tested!

By the way: We don’t own these apps and we didn’t develop them. These are just recommendations. For some time we struggled to find legit sources for Coin Master links and rewards. We found these apps to work best!