If you want to use the Coin Master hack for Facebook, iOS or Android you don’t need to download any file. This is not a Coin Master mod apk and its also not any offline hack. Before there were several tools, which you could use on your Computer in order to get free spins and coins, but these tools were abandoned pretty fast. There are several reasons for this.


Not everyone could use it

One of the main problems with the offline Coin Master hack was it could only run on a Windows PC. Even then, sometimes it wouldn’t run on specific computers if the user didn’t have the specific softwares like Java etc. installed. You couldn’t easily run it on your iOS or Android device like right now. Also you couldn’t use it on a MacOS device. We got so many messages and comments on how to use it, how to run it and many complaints about the hack wouldn’t work properly. We had to come up with a whole new approach!

coin master hack apk

It didn’t update automatically

Even if you could run the Coin Master hack successfully there were certain problems and updating the software. Basically every time Moon Active is releasing a new update we need to update the Coin Master hack tool. Some players didn’t know how to manually update the hack and some didn’t even know they had to refresh the version once the game was updated by its devs. This also caused lots of confusion and we got many messages regarding this. The online generator gets updated by us now and you never need to worry about anything again.


It got heavily abused

Some people would download the Coin Master hack and the next thing they would do is start selling spins, coins or even whole accounts. Yes, they made fake Facebook accounts, generated lots of spins and coins on it and then sold the accounts. It was a big problem! Afterwards we had to integrate the human verification in order to avoid this scam.

coin master android hack

There is a way better and faster method now

The Coin Master generator for unlimited free spins and coins is probably the best method on how to get the items now. You don’t need to download anything, there is no risk for you, you don’t need any proxies, you don’t need to manually update it and so on. There are so many advantages! Its by far the easiest solution. We highly recommend you to use the online hack now. Also it is available in several different languages such as italian, spanish, portugese, french or german.

If you have any question you can simply message or contact us.